Make A Gift

How Can You Help?

If you would like to help the Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation expand our children's educational opportunities, then please consider a donation at whatever level that you feel is comfortable. Your donation to WLEF also qualifies as a tax deduction. If a donation is made before December 31 of each year it can be included on the current years tax forms.

Please contact the district office for the proper donor documentation. The office can assist you with any questions that you have.

Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation
430 W North St
Warrensburg, IL 62573
Phone: 217.672.3514

Direct Donations

Donations can also be made to the Warrensburg-Latham CUSD #11. However, donations made directly to the school district do not qualify for tax deductions. Download your WLEF pledge card here - Pledge Card.

The Giving Wall

Located in the main hall of the 2010 addition, the WLEF has established a giving wall as a permanent tribute to those who support the Warrensburg-Latham Education Foundation. The purchase of a tile on the wall will help ensure the continued success of our students.

Donation Levels
22" x 18" tile$10,000
11" x 12" tile$5,000
11" x 8" tile$2,500
11" x 6" tile$1,250
11" x 2" tile$750
Line listing on 11" x 22" tile$250
Giving Wall Picture