Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation

What is the W-L Educational Foundation

The Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that consists of parents, former educators, and citizens from the District. The main goal of the organization is to provide funding to support our schools and further expand educational opportunities for students.

The foundation meets quarterly to review grant requests and assign funds to best meet the District's educational needs. In between those meetings, Foundation members are busy with fundraising activities generating funds for the next cycle of giving. The Foundation has funded many projects throughout the elementary, middle, and high schools and is having a significant impact on the lives of students and teachers a like. Every year, hundreds of students are positively impacted through the efforts of the Foundation and their donors.

Recent Projects

In the past several grant cycles, the Foundation has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in the form of grants to the school district. The projects include library books, Accelerated Reader tests, laptop computers DVD's, activity sets for elementary physical education, computer lab equipment, music equipment, learning center materials, and high-tech interactive smart boards for classrooms.

The Power of Giving: Making a Difference in Tomorrow

Foundation projects have helped motivate students, increase participation, increase student achievement and proficiency, and expand curriculum. The bottom line is that the Foundation helps our students receive educational opportunities that they might not have otherwise had. Learn more about how to give.


Board of Trustees

Board MemberTitleTerm
Craig Yaroch President(2019)
Ryan Baker Vice-President(2018)
Dena Cearlock Treasurer(2019)
Kathy Schanefelt Secretary(2020)
Staci BuchholzTrustee- School Board Member 
Kristen Kendrick-WeikleTrustee-Supt. 
Melanie Brown Trustee(2018)
Becky Campbell Trustee(2019)
Jennifer Hopkins Trustee(2019)
Nanci Murphy Trustee(2019)
Jean Pease Trustee(2019)
Cathy Stalker Trustee(2018)
John OakleyTrustee(2018)
Mike PasquarielloTrustee(2018)
Wendy JalleyTrustee(2020)