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    The Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation, WLEF, is a non-profit organization that consists of parents, former educators, and community members from the District. The goal of the WLEF is to provide funding to support our schools and further expand educational opportunities for students.  The WLEF meets throughout the school year to generate ideas and funds to best support our students.  WL staff can apply for grants twice a year that will benefit students in their classroom and school.  


    For 2020-2021, WLEF dedicated it’s fundraising efforts to help with COVID-relief for the district. They have been instrumental in assisting with the effective facilitation of remote learning as well as technology-enhanced learning by making a donation of over $6,000 towards the purchase of Webcams for all teachers this fall. Below are testimonials from teachers that share not only their gratitude for the Webcams but also demonstrate how vital the Webcams can be to providing online instruction and consultation.


    Mr. Moore, WLHS Math Teacher & Tech Team Leader~

    I want to thank the WLEF for their donation to purchase Webcams for the classrooms as well as for the support they provide on an ongoing basis. This link is just a short 2 minute video of how the Webcam is an integral part of my classroom allowing me to:

     Pre-record materials

    1. Teach my class live in person
    2. Stream my live class to remote learners
    3. Post the recording with interactions for students unable to join live

     The Webcam is literally the eyes and ears for the remote learner allowing students into the classroom either live or recorded.  This is just one key element of the tools that the district provides to ensure every student has access to learning regardless of location or time of day.  While we agree in-person learning is best, these tools allow us to improve resources for students who are both in-person, and for students who are remote.


    Mr. Gardner, WLMS Social Science Teacher & Tech Team Leader~

    I suppose what immediately stood out to me was as soon as I utilized my Webcam, a student said "Wow, Mr. G. you sound better and look sharper too."  My view is anything we can use to make this situation better for our students, as they are already swimming upstream, is well worth the investment.  The Webcams helped slow the current that we are all swimming against.  WLEF has my thanks.


    If you wish to get involved with the WLEF, please check out us out on Facebook @Warrensburg Latham Educational Foundation  or contact any of the board members.  Thank you again for all your support!



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