Per the USDA, School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program Guidelines 


    For students that are entitled to receive free or reduced price meals, they must choose the components that make a meal according to the USDA’s Guidelines. Please read the following and reference the breakfast and lunch guidelines below to help you and your student understand how this program works. 


    Elementary Students (Grades K-5)

    K-5 students are served the meal that is on the posted menu. All meals on the menus follow the guidelines, so your student does not have to worry about whether or not the items on their tray make a meal.  The only two times your account would incur an extra charge is if the student takes a second milk with their hot lunch meal or if the student brings a meal from home and takes only a milk. **YOU WILL BE CHARGED $.30 IF THE STUDENT TAKES A SECOND MILK OR TAKES A MILK ONLY **        

    Middle School & High School Students (Grades 6-12)              

    All high school & middle students may purchase any items they wish. The meal on the posted menu is served but there are also other ala carte options that are available daily. The ala carte items include other entrees, fruits, and veggies which can all be used to make a meal if a student doesn’t want the menu meal. There are also drinks and snacks which cannot be used to make a meal and will always be an extra charge.

    If your student is entitled to free or reduced price meals, the guidelines on how to make a meal must be followed to ensure that they will receive their benefits. We want parents/guardians to be aware of the reasons that items would be charged to your account.

    If you allow your student to take extra items that are not part of the meal, please check your food service balance frequently to make sure that there is money for them to do so.

    The cashiers will NEVER ask your student if they receive free or reduced price meals!  So when the student's meal is rung up, the cashiers will only look at what is on their tray and then charge accordingly. If the items on their tray do not make a meal according to the USDA Guidelines, the items will be charged to the account at the individual item's price. If a student is ever in doubt as to what items will equal a meal, there are signs posted in all cafeterias to help them. Students may also ask any of the kitchen staff or cashiers as they go through the line.