About WL Booster Club

  • The Warrensburg-Latham Booster Club exists to:

    • Promote public interest in and support for WL students who participate in athletic programs in the MS and HS.
    • Recognize and encourage sportsmanship.
    • Sponsor projects and make financial contributions to promote and help maintain athletic programs.

    Each year, the Booster Club, purchases uniforms for specific athletic teams, provides scholarship funds to a male and female student athlete, and maintains concession stands for athletic events.  

    Q & A
    Q:  How does Booster Club raise funds?
    A:  Booster Club membership is open to ANY parent or guardian of a Warrensburg-Latham athlete.  Booster Club activities provides a great opportunity to meet other parents/guardians and support your student during MS and HS. 

    Q: How can you help?
    A:  We encourage parents to sign up to work at each of the three seasonal fundraising dinners. Parents who are in an in-season sport or activity will be assigned dates and times to assist in the the concession stand during home events.  Student athletes will bring home tickets to sell for Pack the Place events; please sell the tickets and return the money on the due date.  We also encourage parents or community members to share new avenues to generate funds to help support our athletic programs. 

    Q:  When and where are Booster Club meetings held?
    A:   Booster Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the MS cafeteria.  



    WLHS Athletic Booster Club is a 501 C3 Non-for-profit organization - Financial information is available upon request.

Booster Club Officers