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Distinguished Alumni Criteria

Warrensburg-Latham Distinguished Alumni is a way to recognize W-L graduates who have had a significant contribution to society and their community; to the betterment of mankind, and who have achieved lasting recognition in their chosen occupation or other endeavors.  

Candidates should meet the following selection criteria:
1.  10 year plus graduate
2.  Living or deceased
3.  Open nominations
4.  Contributed to:
     a. Society and Community- Efforts that have achieved recognized awards, measurable success, or long lasting impact at the institutional, local, regional, statewide or national levels.
     b.  Betterment of Mankind- Volunteer or service award or recognition, discoveries, inventions, life-long work in a particular field in which recognition is achieved.
     c.  Occupational/Endeavor Recognition- Recognized for exceptional talent or long-term success in a chosen field, occupation, or endeavor.

 Nomination Process & Selection

  • Process:  Anyone may submit a nomination for a W-L Alumnus to be considered for the Warrensburg Hall of Fame. The nomination information should include a short biography of the  person nominated which includes personal information, educational background, and a list of achievements, contributions or occupational/endeavors successes. Background information and achievement and contributions should also be provided and can be in many forms such as awards received, publications, etc.  

  • Selection:  A committee of alumni (at least one from each of the last five decades), at least one staff member and one administrator will review all nominations and make selections.

 Nominations can be submitted online or mailed to Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation, 430 W. North Street, Warrensburg, IL 62573.  

Nominations are reviewed May 1st of each year.

Distinguished Alumni Recipients