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District Finance


The purpose of the Community Finance Committee is to educate the community on the current and future financial status and impacts of the district, and to communicate with the community areas of district support when the opportunities to make change arise.

We recently circulated a survey to obtain feedback on what areas of the school are of importance to our community to be used to create further dialogue about our school's future needs and opportunities. Thank you for sharing with us your educational priorities for district funding. Please see a summary of the survey results here.  Respondents rated the following items as the #1 highest priority in school district funding:

29% - Facility & Safety Updates
24% - Class Size
17% - Updated & Additional Curriculum
16% - Additional Staff (ie. grade level teachers, specialists)
10% - Social Work & Counseling
4% - Professional Development for Staff


Mrs. Tanya Andricks, Crossing Healthcare CEO
Mrs. Teresa Bailey, District Finance & Human Resources Director
Dr. Nancy Brodbeck, Assistant Regional Superintendent & Grandparent
Mrs. Stephanie Brown, AICP Chastain & Associates LLC & Parent
Mr. John Butts, Professor at Western Illinois University & Grandparent 
Mrs. Colleen Dickerson, Parent & Alumni
Mr. Leland Hackl, Mayor of Warrensburg & Alumni
Mr. Evan Hall, Vice President First Mid Insurance Group & Alumni
Pastor Dennis Hughes, Pastor of Illini Church
Mrs. Kirsten Perkins, District Finance & Human Resources Director
Ms. Mary Scanavino, District Teacher & Alumni
Mr. Jim Seefeldt, Local Philanthropist, Foundation Trustee & Alumni
Mrs. Cheryl Warner, District Superintendent

Mrs. Tory Williams, Project Manager ADM, District Board Vice President & Parent

The pie charts below represent three of the major Operating Funds of WL CUSD #11. Each chart represents the % of expenditures for that fund.

Macon & Piatt Counties

Education Fund Tax Rate

Comparison by School District

Explanation of School District Funds:  This document explains the nine funds within a school district budget, the purpose of each, and the type of expenditures that occur within each fund. Out of the nine funds, there are four "operating funds": Educational Fund, Operations & Maintenance Fund, Transportation Fund, & Working Cash Fund.

Tentative Five Year Budget Summary: This spreadsheet includes tentative budget projections for fiscal years 2024 through 2028. 

Understanding School Finance: The laws that govern school finance in IL affect districts in different ways. This IL Association of School Boards resource includes 12 questions and answers that broadly apply to most districts.