WL Sportsmanship Policy


    The Warrensburg-Latham School District recognizes the importance of emphasizing GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP in all aspects of school related activities.  With this in mind, the following are fundamentals of good sportsmanship in all activities that the district urges fans, spectators, participants, staff members, and parents to follow:

    • Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the game.
    • Exercise positive behavior at all times.
    • Recognize and appreciate skilled performances regardless of affiliation.
    • Exhibit respect for the opponents and officials at all times.
    • Openly display pride in your actions at every opportunity.

    Unacceptable behavior shall include, but not be limited to, the following types of conduct.  Such conduct will result in removal from the activity:

    • Insubordination to referees, coaches, or other school personnel supervising the activity.
    • Fighting, intimidation of, or attempt to intimidate, or taunting of referees, coaches, players, participants, or spectators.
    • Throwing debris or littering the playing field or facility.
    • Verbal abuse or use of profane or obscene words or gestures during a game or activity.
    • Disruptive behavior or conduct.

    Warrensburg-Latham School District #11 will not tolerate any violations of the above.  Good sportsmanship is expected from everyone before, during, or after any interscholastic contest or other school related activity in our schools or any other place our students are competing/participating.  Any concerns regarding any part of an athletic or activity program must follow the complaint procedures of that particular school.  During or immediately after an event is NOT the proper time to raise questions or concerns about a program.

    Violations of any of the above "FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP" guidelines will result in the following consequences: 

    • Immediate removal from the contest or activity.
    • Upon investigation by the administration of the schools involved violator(s) may be suspended from activities for a period up to one year depending upon the severity of the infraction.
    • Any suspension will be honored at all W-L School activities.  That is, an individual suspended from one school will not be allowed to attend activities at any other school during suspension period.

Admission Prices

  • WLHS Admission Prices
    Adults  $4.00
    Students (K-12)  $3.00
    Senior Citizens (65+)  Free 

    WLMS Admission Prices 
    Adults  $3.00
    Students (K-12) $2.00
    Senior Citizens (65+) Free

    Annual Athletic Passes
    Contact the high school office or purchase one upon attending a fall home athletic event.
    Family  $200
    Individual  $75
    Student  $50

    *Tournament Fees may increase and apply to everyone per conference By-laws and IHSA/IESA established admission prices. Passes will not apply to tournaments.