WL School Counseling

  • School Counseling Program:

    The Warrensburg-Latham High School Counseling Program is built upon two goals:

    1. To offer personal support, counseling, and guidance to meet individual student needs
    2. To work with students to explore careers and college opportunities and to assist students in their selection of courses to fit their future goals

    Counseling Services Offered To All Students:

    • Career interest inventories/Career exploration- utilizing www.careercruising.com
    • Introduction to post-secondary opportunities
    • Scheduling classes
    • Registration for courses
    • Transcript review 
    • PSAT testing (Optional junior year test)
    • ACT/SAT guidance
    • ACT/SAT interpretation
    • SAT testing (Junior year)
    • Scheduling college, technical school, and military representatives for lunch visits
    • College application assistance
    • Sending high school transcripts to colleges
    • Financial aid workshops
    • Scholarship searches

    Counseling Services Available Upon Request:

    • Individual or personal counseling
    • Individual post-secondary planning
    • Computer assisted interest assessments, career exploration, college/trade school searches, military information, financial aid assistance/referrals
    • Educational planningAcademic counseling
    • Student schedule conflict resolution
    • Referral to outside agencies for mental health assessments

    Warrensburg-Latham Graduation Requirements:

    Students need 28 credits to graduate from WLHS. The following courses must be part of those credits:

    • English- 4 credits
    • Mathematics- 3 credits 
    • Science- 3 credits
    • Social Science- 3 credits including World Geography (9th), US History (11th), 
    • Consumer Economics/Government (12th)
    • Art, Foreign Language, Music, or Vocational- 1 credit
    • PE- 4 credits
    • Health- .5 credits

    College Bound Curriculum: 

    The Illinois Board of Higher Education recommends that students who plan to enter a state supported college or university complete the following high school subject pattern:

    • English- 4 credits
    • Mathematics- 3 credits (4 recommended)
    • Science- 3 credits of Lab Science
    • Social Science- 3 credits
    • Foreign Language- 2 years of the same foreign language recommended but that can be met by 2 years of fine arts or vocational at some schools. However, even if a school does not require the foreign language to get in, taking three or more years in high school can sometimes exempt a student from taking it in college. It is always a good idea to check a school’s website for specifics.

    ** Generally, a student who meets the above course requirements, receives an SAT/ACT score in the school’s required range, and has a grade point average within the school’s requirements will be eligible for admission. To be sure, always check the college or university’s website for more details.


    Mrs. Adriane Moody, School Counselor moodya@wlcusd11.org 


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