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Weather Related Decisions

School Cancellations/Early Dismissals

Snowflakes and thermometer

In the event of adverse weather conditions or emergency situation, Warrensburg-Latham CUSD #11 has a plan.  The decision to cancel school is never an easy one, and one That is not taken lightly. Student safety is our top priority and is always the basis for our decisions. If we feel that we can safely transport the students to school, we will be in session. Sometimes school is canceled due to the temperature and wind chill. We have several students who walk to school and many students who wait outside at a bus stop, and there are times when even standing outside for 3-5 minutes can be extremely dangerous.  We understand that our decision to cancel school affect families in various ways.  If school needs to be canceled, we will let you know as soon as we can and whether an e-learning day will be used. We try to make this decision no later than 6:00 a.m. 

Who Makes the Decision?
The Superintendent makes the final decision to keep schools open or closed. 

How is the Decision Made?
The decision is based on the following factors:
*Weather forecasts from several agencies, including the National Weather Service
*Outside temperature and wind chill
*Amount of snow and ice accumulated
*Timing of snow, ice, wind chill
*Amount of snow drifting and visibility
*Building conditions such as heat and electricity
*Parking lot and sidewalk conditions
*Reports from road commissioners
*Conversations with other school superintendents 

How Are Families Informed?
You can stay informed of school cancellations through :
*Phone calls (please make sure the schools have your most recent phone number on file)
*School Sponsored Social Media Accounts
*Local TV and radio stations (we have no control how quickly they post the information)

 Extra-Curricular Activities
If school is not in session practices and games are typically cancelled.  However, depending on the reason school is cancelled and the timing of the events it is possible that activities may continue as planned.  Please watch the school sponsored social media or be in contact with coaches/sponsors for more information.